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God's pathway to life for you

David Smith

God's walks in the world today and works in people everyday, now this is your chance to learn if your that person, or if your looking for something missing in your life or your a loner looking for a friends or maybe broke on your last dollar and need a way out of debt or maybe have a broke heart. and maybe you don't feel like God walk's with you. I'm here to say God loves you but do you love God and why should he help you. all this can be answer by God's Living Word, We will talk about the pathway to find God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible king James is the only Bible that will be used to quote from or read from. this is my personal walk with Jesus Christ King and Lord it will be me personally talking about my interpretation about the bible and things in life like the above mentioned money, loneliness, Debt, broken hearts and lots more and sometime Interviews with people and how God has changed theirs lives. and hope for change in your life to find that path back to God and His understanding. God Bless you all.Come Checkout the Web Site https://godspathwaytolife.faith/